Sundays at Hope

The rhythm of weekly worship connects us to God and to one another

Worship @ 10am & 5pm

Watch LIVE or Later

We live stream our worship services via Sunday Streams. To participate in worship in this way, click here.

This will also show you a catalogue of all previous sermon recordings (while you can watch the whole service live, we only record the sermon for later viewing).

For Children

Checking In

Hope has a secure Check In system set in place for any child attending nursery or Sunday School on a Sunday service. You will find the sign in kiosk's in the front foyer of Hope church and an attendant there to help you. There you will enter in your information and receive a sticker for you child and a pick up sticker for the parent/guardian. This pick up sticker will be required when the service is over when you pick up your child.


Nursery at Hope is offered during both evening & morning services for those children newborn to age 3. At Hope, we take the responsibility of looking after your children very seriously. We have strict Child Safety procedures in place to ensure a safe environment for children including drop-off and pick-up procedures designed to protect children.

Please Note: if your child is 3 years old before September 1st and potty trained, he or she may be ready for Sunday School. For those who turn 3 between September 1st and December 31st and you feel the child is ready for Sunday School, a January start date may be possible.

Please feel free to call the church office with any questions you may have.

Sunday School

Every Sunday, there is Sunday School for children ages 3 to Grade 4 held during the morning church service. The children are dismissed part way through the service to leave for their classes. Your child must be 'Checked in' to attend this program, be sure to stop by the Kiosk before the service to sign them up. Our classes are brimming with over 70 children and we are excited to learn more about God with them! We teach from the Positive Action curriculum to promote biblical principles. Our hope is to make the children of our church Biblically literate, that is, able to see the worth of the Bible and dig into it for themselves.

Each child is given a book for their activities which will be left in the classroom until the end of the year. Parents are encouraged to ask their child what they learned in class each Sunday so the discussion can continue at home. This year again we are giving the children's offering to our missionaries. As well, the students will be sending letters to the missionaries.

For more information on safety procedures and special requirements for ages 3 to SK (5), as well as addressing any questions you may have, please call the church office.

Register for the 2019-2020 Sunday School Program CLICK HERE

Activity Room -evening service

Sunday evenings part way through the service, we offer an Activity Room for children ages 3 -grade 4. Children are joined by 2 leaders in the lower level of the church and work together through a Bible lesson and/or have time puzzling, colouring and crafting and games. Children are required to be 'Checked In' at the kiosk prior to this program.