A Christian Reformed Church in Brantford, Ontario

Hope Christian Reformed Church is a community of Christians who joyfully: worship together, grow together, share Christ’s saving love; to the glory of God.

Being a Church Community during COVID-19 (click to view more)

Community: Community is not limited to being together in person. One additional way we can be together during this time is through our private Facebook group. Feel free to share prayer requests, post words of encouragement, or whatever else helps us continue to grow together as followers of Jesus.

Access to church building: Before entering the church, each person needs to fill out a questionnaire to determine if they are eligible to enter (for any reason) based on regulations from our government. Please download the FORM and send into the office info@hopecrc.ca.

Offering: Did you know that we can process donations online? Click the "Give" tab or use The Bridge App. Select what you'd like your donation to go to and Hope will process your gift. You can also give to Hope's budget in this way.

Prayer Calendar: Prayer calendar for the month of OCTOBER

We are monitoring the situation closely and complying with all recommendations and/or mandates from the Ontario government. SEE OUR COVID-19 page for up-to-date guidance as it is provided and how it will be applied it to Hope CRC.

My Door to Yours

Weekly video of encouragement from Pastor William during physical distancing


Links & helpful information during COVID

Who we are

All of life is worship, and every Sunday we have time set aside to re-focus ourselves as followers of Christ as we head out into a new week.

To follow Christ is to be invited on a journey of lifelong growth.

As we grow in our love for Christ, God's love for us compels us to show his love to others.