God's love for us compels us to show His love to others & to make a difference.

Serving Our City

Serve within Hope CRC

There are many opportunities of serving our Lord within Hope CRC! Visit the link to see where to use your gifts within Hope Christian Reformed Church. 

Monthly Meal

Through out the fall and winter months, Hope takes part in a food outreach program, along with many groups and other churches around Brantford, at the Blessing Center. Please contact the church office if you would like to be involved or have any questions.


Why Not City Missions

At Why Not Youth Centre, we believe that every young person is important and deserves all the help they can get to overcome their challenges and meet their goals. Find out more about Why Not City Missions and how you can help serve in this community.

Blood Donor Clinic

Various donations dates available through 2023-2024!

Did you know? Hope CRC has become a location for the Canadian Blood Donation Services in Brantford. DISCOVER HOW YOU CAN DONATE