Sunday School & Nursery FAQ's

We look forward to sharing God's Big story with your child in HOPE Kids!



Frequently Asked Questions

HOPE KIDS Sunday School

Q: How do I check in my child for Sunday School?

A: When you enter the front doors, you will see a HOPE Kids Check In counter to your left. An attendant would be happy to help sign your child up for Sunday school.

Q: When does my child/children leave for the Sunday School program?

A: After the children's message, the children Grade JK-Grade 4 will be invited to leave for the Sunday School program. Grade 5-6 will be invited to leave after the sermon/message.

Q: Can anyone pick up my child?

A: Only the parent/guardian with the pick up tag (you received at HOPE Kids Check In) may pick up your child. A teacher/attendant/volunteer will check the code with your child's code.

Q: How will my child know which class they are in?

A: All children will begin in the large room downstairs. All Sunday school rooms are labelled with the appropriate grade. A hall monitor will be there to show your child where to go.

Q: Do I pick my child up after the service?

A: All children JK - Grade 4, can be picked up from their classrooms following the service. Children in the grade 5-6 program, will be dismissed without parent pickup, approx 15 minutes after the service ends.

Q: How will I know if my child needs me?

A: In the event a leader/teacher identifies that your child needs you, a code (matching the code on your Check In Tag) will be displayed on the front sanctuary screen, in the top right corner. A hall monitor will be in the hall waiting to direct you to your child.

Frequently Asked Questions

HOPE KIDS Nursery Program

A few important STEPS for you, prior to Sunday Nursery drop off:

  1. Please fill out THIS IMPORTANT INFORMATION FORM (click here)

  2. Please Check In your child at the HOPE Kids Check In counter (receive child tag, pick up tag and bag tag)

  3. Complete COVID-19 online screening on Sunday morning; provide a complete image with the date

  4. Your child's temperature will be taken by a volunteer (35.5°C – 37.5°C (95.9°F – 99.5°F)

  5. All Nursery volunteers will be wearing PPE aligning with child care regulations & have either shown proof of full vaccination OR have shown a negative COVID rapid test result.

We look forward to caring for your child/children during the morning worship service at Hope.

For any questions, concerns regarding the Nursery program, please contact one of the caring Nursery Team members:

Lynsey Miedema,

Emily Yurick,

Erika Louwerse

Bethany Kloet

Q. How do I drop off my child in the nursery?

A. After you have completed the steps above, you may walk down the hallways and ENTER the Nursery. There you will be greeted by a volunteer who will confirm your tags, screening image and take your child's temperature. Leave bags, shoes and coats with volunteer. Wave good bye to your little one and use the EXIT door to your right.

Q. How I pick up my child in the nursery?

A. When the service is over, make your way down the hallway to the Nursery and ENTER the Nursery and present your pick up tag for your child. Be sure to take your child's belongings (bag, shoes/coat) and your little one and EXIT the Nursery.

Q: How will I know if my child needs me?

A: In the event a volunteer identifies that your child needs you, you will receive a message to your cell phone provided if you prefer using the Planning Center program. If you do not respond within 1 minute, we will flash your child's tag number on the screen (the matching the code on your Check In Tag). A hall monitor will then lead you to your child.

Q. Can I feed my child in the Nursery?

A. We have a feeding room located across the hall from the main Nursery Room labelled 'Feeding Area' for breastfeeding or bottle preparation.

Q. What if my child needs a diaper change?

A. Attendants will be call Parents/Guardians to come and change a diaper on your child

Q. What if my child needs to use the washroom?

A. If your child does not require assistance, attendants must stay outside the washroom. If your child does require assistance, attendants will assist with the door ajar.