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On this website you will find many poems categorized into several different topics (categories are given below).

Many of these poems you will not find printed in a book because they were written and submitted by people just like you. If you would like to submit a Christian poem, please e-mail it to me, John Gilson, at john_gilson@rogers.com. If the poem has a title, please be sure to include it. Please also be sure to include your name, province/state and country. These should be your own poems or poems. Please do not send poems from other authors unless you have their permission to do so. Please note that we now only accept poems that rhyme and have a rhythm to them. There are many websites out there that will accept other types of poetry.

These pages of poems are updated near the end of each month. In each update, all additions are placed at the beginning of a section. We are pleased to be averaging over 10000 visitors each month to this site!

Be sure also to visit our Christian Quotes, Unique Christian Thoughts, and Church Signs pages. On these pages you will find many hundreds of beautiful inspiring Christian quotations and other Christian thoughts. Our Church Signs page has many catchy phrases designed especially for church signs. All pages are updated at the end of each month.

Hello. I just wanted to tell you that I truly enjoy the poems. Could you please tell the authors that all the poems blessed me so much!

Nan, Ohio

We do not know who the authors are in some of the poems. If you do know, please pass the information on to us so that we can give proper acknowledgment to the author. While we make every effort to ensure copyright is protected, mistakes can and do occur. Therefore if you spot any acknowledgment errors or if a poem is copyright and ought not to be on this site, please let us know and we will remove it.

Please click on a poem category.

Encouragement Poems. Here you will find many poems to encourage you and to give you hope.
In Memoriam Poems. A collection of poems to remember loved ones who have passed into Glory.
Appreciation Poems. Poems of appreciation for pastors, pastors' wives, Sunday School teachers, tributes to mothers, fathers, children, etc. 
Serving the Lord. Poems encouraging us in our Christian service to the Lord and in our service to others.
Poems of Praise. Poems that praise our living God.
Poems of Advice.Poems offering advice on the way we should live our daily lives.
Bible Poems. Poems relating directly to the Bible.
Poems about Life. Poems on our journey through life.
Holiday Poems. Poems celebrating our special Christian holidays.
Other Poems. Other inspirational poems with messages that do not fall into the above categories.
September 11, 2001. Poems remembering the terrible events of September 11.
Gene Griffin's Poems. Featuring a collection of Gene's Christian poems.
Leona Miller's Poems. The complete collection of Leona's Christian poems.

And don't forget to visit our Christian Quotes page and our special Christian Thoughts page. Interested in quotes for your Church Sign? Then be sure to visit our church signs page.

If you are searching for a specific poem or for a poem on a certain topic (for example, on "prayer"), just go to the poem's category and then just click on "Edit" from the menu at the top of your screen and then click on "Find" or "Find on this page". In the box that pops up, enter a piece of the title, or a word or two that you know is in the poem (for example, "pray" or "prayer"). Then click on "OK" to see if what you are looking for appears. If something comes up and it is not what you had in mind, then click on "Find" for the next instance of the word or title.  

Returning to Christ: the Drug Rehab Blog for Christians

Glory, Grace and Gratitude: Do you feel like life has beaten you down? Do you feel exhausted from stress and anger? Do you feel alone and as though no one could possibly understand what you are going through? All those who have been abused, broken down or broken-hearted can come to find a place of healing, strength and inner peace.


If you know of a good Christian poetry site, let us know and we will place the link here.

  1. Poems by Gene Griffin. Gene has written many wonderful and inspiring Christian poems, each based on a Bible verse. He has shared a number of them with us and we have placed them together on their own web page. Just click on the link to visit Gene's web page of truly inspirational poems.
  2. Poems by Leona Miller. Leona has been very gifted by the Lord in creating beautiful Christian poems on a variety of topics. If you need some encouragement or a spiritual lift, experiencing the loss of a friend or family member, or just want to read some poems praising our God, then you should read Leona's poems. We are pleased to feature and host all of her many poems. Just click on the link to visit Leona's web pages of poems
  3. truthsaves.org/christian-poems. This page presents Christian poems by a variety of authors. All poems are original. The poetry on this page reflects the phenomenal news of Jesus Christ in one way or another. We present a large variety of Christ-related poems in order to help us achieve our goal of spreading the good news of Jesus Christ across the Internet and the world. Do you have a Christian poem you’ve written? We’d love to check it out. 
  4. A Touch of Heaven. A great collection of over 300 Christian poems by Gerald Bergeron.
  5. Glorybound. Poems by Gary James Smith whose desire is to encourage others with the simple gospel of Christ and also, that his ministry in poetry and song will be used for God’s glory and purpose.
  6. Poetry About Jesus And Salvation at www.cavaliersonly.com. Spreading the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the way of salvation through poetry and messages with bible references.
  7. http://jeffreyeilerman.blogspot.ca. Jeffrey is a gifted Christian poet who writes poems on a variety of topics. You will be blessed with a visit to his site.
  8. http://christianpoems2112.blogspot.com. On this site you will find the poems written by my great-grandfather, John Jackson Davis, in the 1950's and 1960's. We try to add a new poem each day. We have thousands of Christian Poems that he wrote. Sincerely, Vinson Mouser
  9. Stepping Stones in Faith. My online blog to display my poetry to family, friends and fellow Christian followers.
  10. 250 Poems by Robert Breaux. Through God’s Grace, Robert was granted a life saving miracle many years ago. These poems are in gratitude to God for what He did for Robert.
  11. Sympathy Poems. It is very difficult to express sympathy in words. We here at Sympathy Sayings have a large collection of words of sympathy sayings, sympathy quotes, sympathy verses, condolence messages, and sympathy poems that can help you express sympathy.
  12. Give your soul a lift. Enjoy a visit to Judith Kittredge's website of poetry at judithkittredge.com
  13. Song of Sparrows. Song of Sparrows is a Christian collaborative poetry project gathering poems and prayers from around the world and creating a single published volume for Christians everywhere for inspiration, spiritual upbuilding, and strengthening of faith.
  14. Kingdom Poets. Kingdom Poets by D.S. Martin is a resource for anyone interested in Christian poetry. Kingdom Poets blog is a resource of poets of the Christian faith, regardless of background. D.S. Martin's poetry collection Poiema (Wipf & Stock) was a 2009 prize winner at The Word Guild's Awards.
  15. PRA Poems is a FREE service that delivers FREE, short, inspirational poems, and a bible verse, via email daily. Sign up free at www.prapoems.faithweb.com

  16. Each of the following three sites offers poetry to read, as well as much more. They also provide huge resources of value to poets who want to learn to write better poetry, find markets for their Christian poetry, be paid for their poetry, or enter a contest for Christian poets.
    Utmost Christian Writers International.
    Utmost Christian Writers Canada.
    The Christian Poet (rhyming only).
  17. Belinda's Poetry. I am a reborn Christian who enjoys writing Christ-centered poetry.
  18. www.ganderpoems.org. A wonderful website of Christian poems all written by Louis Gander.
  19. www.straightuphope.com.This site is for the hurting , lost and hopeless. It is meant as a link for you to find a way out of addiction and a new way of life. We want to encourage you to browse around and find hope. Grace is God's way of telling you that you are special.
  20. Sharon Maxwell's Christian poems. Dozens of poems written by Sharon, each introduced with a Bible verse and a short personal introduction.
  21. Expressions by Emily. Another beautiful website of poems written by Emily McAdams on various themes that honor our God.
  22. Poems by Pat. A collection of Christian poems written by Pat Couchman.
  23. Endtime poetry. Original inspirational poems written by several Christian poets leading us to a deeper faith in Christ.
  24. Kentucky Christian Central. by Jason Lowe. An interesting Christian website that includes a collection of Jason's poems.
  25. Mirrored Reflections. Motivational and inspirational poems relating to family life, regarding the problems of everyday living such as addictions, self love, marriage, self esteem and relationships.
  26. Christian Poetry. A collection of wonderful Christian poems.
  27. Heaven's Inspirations. Bringing encouragement and hope as we walk with the Lord by Christian poetess Michelle Lowndes.
  28. Christian Poems by the PoetPatriot at www.poetpatriot.com. Poetry and other writings by Roger W Hancock.

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