Men’s Life Ministry serves to provide....

1.  Fellowship, friendship and relationships.
2.  A safe place for men to discuss personal issues.
3.  Bible study and prayer.
4.  Encouragement for men to be better servants of leadership, fidelity and faith.
5.  Mentoring and discipleship.
6.  Outreach.
7.  Service to the community.

To fulfill these goals a number of men’s groups meet at church, at home and in other locations.  One of these events is Men's Fraternity. Men's Fraternity is more than an event or a Bible Study. Men's Fraternity provides an encouraging process that guides men how to live lives of authentic manhood as modelled by Jesus Christ and directed by the Word of God.

Men will be inspired weekly in a way that will bring blessing into their relationships, families, church, work and communities.

Sessions start with an easily understood and thought-provoking video, followed by small group time where to lead discussion or close in prayer is never obligatory, Finish time is ALWAYS 7:30 AM sharp.

It is so easy in the frenzy of constant pressure and relentless responsibilities to lose our way. When we do, a life numbing routine often replaces life-giving dreams. And then the adventure and excitement of what life means and where it's going becomes harder and harder to define.

Can life be an adventure again? Absolutely! This ministry is titled "Men's Fraternity -- The Great Adventure."

In the weekly sessions you will not only find out how, but ways that are within every man's reach.

Every Thursday morning starting October 6, 2016

6:00 am to 7:30 am
Coffee ready at 5:30 am

Here at Hope Christian Reformed Church
64 Buchanan Cres., Brantford, ON

Cost Recovery Fee:
$20 payable at 1st session

Contact Rick Schmidt for additional information.