Based on John 4:1-42

She always tried to avoid the other women.
So she’d waited to venture out until noon.
She must endure their whispers and hateful looks
were she to journey to the well too soon.

There was a man waiting beside Jacob’s Well,
a Stranger who looked thirsty and weary.
Her past history with men had never been good.
She was beginning to feel somewhat leery.

She did not dare to look Him in the eye.
She was a Samaritan woman. And He was a Jew.
She was certain He would not speak to her.
That was something the Man could not do.

She was alone with Him. He was speaking to her.
“Woman. May I please have a drink?”
She glanced His way, but did not respond.
She needed to compose herself…to think.

He began reciting details of her sordid past
in a tone not condescending, but kind.
Should she dare to lift her gaze to meet His,
what other amazing insights would she find?

He had spoken of things He could not have known.
Yet each and every word had been true.
What supernatural powers did the Man possess?
He had to be more than just an ordinary Jew.

He started to suggest that she receive the living water.
Then she’d no longer need demean herself with men.
He spoke of water from a well of everlasting life,
that it was possible to never thirst again.

She said she knew a Messiah was to come,
the Christ who would end all doubt and uncertainty.
He smiled and gently touched her hand, saying,
“The One now speaking to You…is He.”

She had realized that He was a special Man.
He had spoken the truth in a loving way.
She hurried to the village to share her news
of her encounter at the well that day.

This Stranger had cleansed her from her sinful past.
She was no longer bound to a future of strife.
A blessed encounter with her Messiah that day
had granted her a new lease on life.

~ Lanette Kissel ~

(Based on John 11)

         The sisters both hoped that Jesus would come
while Lazarus was still alive.
They watched and waited in anguish,
praying their Lord would soon arrive.

Though Jesus knew Lazarus was dying,
He did not rush, but decided to delay
His journey to His troubled friends in Bethany.
He tarried for more than a day.

When He finally made it to Bethany,
He encountered a difficult situation.
The Lord found Himself confronted
with the sisters’ grieving indignation.

“The cause is lost. Where were you, Lord?
Was this not a promise You could have kept?
You could have prevented this tragedy.”
The scene was so emotional that “Jesus wept”.

“I am sorry for your torment.
Yet have faith. It is not too late.
My Father grants me the power.
Your brother will not venture beyond death’s gate.”

“Your entire family is so dear to me.
This does not mean that I do not care.
There is a reason for my timing,
that the world could be made aware.”

“This was all part of your brother’s destiny.
His death was just part of the plan,
set into motion in order to reveal
the true identity of the Son of Man.”

~ Lanette Kissel ~


Life is like a stormy sea
That tosses to and fro,
But God's Word will ever be
A ballast for my soul.

By its truth I'll be held fast
Till I reach heaven's shore
Where I will be home at last
And sail life's sea no more!

~ Perry Boardman ~

Dig deeper in the word of God
Take a second glance
Don't give superficial reading
But give our God a chance
To show Himself above all others
He's truly the God of love
Ready, willing and definitely able
To give you life from above
Taste and see our God is good
Gives meat for understanding
Meditate and chew on His word
You'll find it such a grand thing
For He has deemed if you by faith
Repent and believe today
His Holy Spirit will enter in
And lead you in God's way
Dig deeper in the word of God
Trust me you'll find treasure
A loving and forgiving Father
Who loves us without measure
To send His Son, His very own
To take our sin and pardon
Dig deeper in the word of God
Don't let your heart be hardened
His word a lamp unto our feet
A light to our path always
No need to walk in darkness
So our God's word says
His word our sure foundation
It is definitely a Keeper
Dig deeper into the word of God
Dig,dig,dig,dig,dig deeper.
Copyright June 10, 2014
~ Gary James Smith ~

(based on Isaiah 53)

The leaders of His generation
would subsidize
the fraudulent bed of lies,
leading to His demise.

He would be bruised
for our iniquity,
for the transgressions
committed by we, not He.

A holy righteous life,
in servitude spent,
Yet they would shed the blood
of this innocent.

A Man who would know suffering,
well acquainted with pain,
His stripes that would heal,
His loss, but our gain.

A Lamb would be led to slaughter,
yet no sound would be heard,
no complaint, revenge, or defiance,
not a single word.

A Man of mercy,
always so loving and forgiving
would be brutally taken
from this land of the living.

Yet there will be an end to His suffering,
and to His strife.
He will see the glory of resurrection,
into the light of new life.

He would pour out His life’s blood,
even unto death,
So that even our deathbed
will not be our last breath.

For just as He would,
we will arise in glory.
What better ending
could there be to His Story?

~ Lanette Kissel ~

(the story of a martyr for Christ)

Published in Victory Herald August 2011

What are you so afraid of, Saul?
Why do you persecute me so?
Do you sense the beliefs I express
will seem to follow you wherever you go?

The Lord has richly blessed me
with knowledge, wisdom, and power.
I have spoken of my love for Christ.
I have preached of Him for many an hour.

I will tell you of my beliefs,
and to them I will stand firm.
You fear I may be speaking in truth,
and it causes you to squirm.

As I point an accusing finger,
I will be sealing my own death.
My message is not well received.
You resent my every word and breath.

If I am to die by your command,
I will not feel any disgrace.
You have looked into my eyes, Saul,
and you will remember my face.

As your stones bring me to my knees,
I welcome death and do not fear it.
I will pray just as my Lord did,
and ask Him to receive my spirit.

You're intent to stand against His followers.
Saul, if you continue with such schemes,
You will find my martyred countenance
shall invade your future dreams.

I do not fear the hand propelled stone
that can pierce my flesh and break my bone.
For my life is His. It is not my own.

~ Lanette Kissel ~

Through the eyes of…Paul, the Great Evangelist
(published in Victory Herald Sept, 2011)
By Lanette Kissel

Part One

I will not believe a single word
these so-called Christians have said.
As a Roman bounty hunter,
I have put a price upon each head.

I have zealously persecuted You,
and all who have called upon Your name,
until that strange encounter on the Damascus Road,
and my life would never be the same.

You detained me and You asked me
why I do the things I do.
You demanded of me an answer
as to why I persecute You.

There was a flash of brilliant light,
so intense it robbed me of my sight.
After my companions led me to the city,
I had three days to ponder my plight.

You sent a man named Ananias,
who placed his gentle hands upon me.
And I found within an instant,
that I was once again able to see.

Although I have become a believer,
I find I must question Your choice.
You want me to be ambassador to the Gentiles.
Why should any of them listen to my voice?

Yet I will do whatever you ask of me,
Oh, Lord, who works in mysterious ways.
My life is now in Your hands.
I will live for You the rest of my days.
And I will never cease to offer You praise.

Paul, The Great Evangelist
By Lanette Kissel

Part Two

My brothers and sisters,
Grace and peace to you.
My heart is with you in all you do.

It is my most fervent prayer
that you believe just as I do,
that you believe without question or doubt
that everything I told you is true.

You are merely babes in your faith,
this young church I have given birth to.
I love you as my own child,
and I worry what will happen to you.

The Master leads me through this journey.
We’ve so many more places to reach.
And while I’m so thankful for all of you,
I have many new converts to teach.

I have some advice for you to heed,
words to help you to find your way.
to keep you from stumbling in your walk with Christ,
to help you make the most of each day.

Do not become a house divided,
lest Satan attack you from behind.
Be careful not to quarrel among yourselves,
but be one in thought and mind.

Neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free,
for as a family, we are all one.
No longer enslaved by the law,
we are set free through our faith in God’s Son.

Stand firm, and do not be moved.
Avoid idolatry and immorality.
Whatever you do, do it for the Lord,
and you’ll receive the gift of immortality.

Lift each other to God in prayer,
for the needs of every sister, every brother.
Remember, our greatest gift is love.
Above all else, we must love one another.

Nothing can separate us from God’s love,
no power in hell or here on this earth.
For along with Christ, we are heirs with Him,
of a miraculous eternal rebirth.

I miss you all so very much,
and wish I could be there with you.
But the Holy Spirit abides in my place.
He will guide in all you say and do.

I know my time here may be limited.
There is so much more I need to do.
Yet like His, my name is feared and hated.
Like Him, I will have to suffer too.

In this prison, my days are dark and long.
Yet I find I’m able to sing and to pray.
Encouragement still finds its way to me,
when I hear that you are following the Way.

I hold onto the hope that we’ll meet again,
beloved family whom I so miss.
and when such a reunion comes to pass,
I will greet you with a holy kiss.

Paul, the Great Evangelist
By Lanette Kissel

Part Three

I must complete the task Jesus assigned to me.
My goal is to cross the finish line of this race.
I have taken upon myself a great commission,
to reveal to you the wonder of God’s grace.

In the present age and that yet to come,
Christ’s authority and dominion are complete.
Jesus has been appointed Head of the church.
The Father has placed all things beneath His feet.

My life is no longer of value to me.
I am willing to lay it all down,
just as our Lord willingly died for us,
and like Him, we’ll earn an eternal crown.

They can destroy my body, but not my spirit.
I no longer fear the evil deeds of men.
My journey will soon lead me to Jerusalem.
You will likely never see my face again.

My life’s blood will be poured out as an offering.
The time for my departure from this world draws near.
But I have kept the faith, and fought the good fight.
I’ll receive a crown of righteousness, when before my Lord I appear.

I have to say I’m sorry that lately,
my visits with you have been short and too few.
My one main regret when I leave this world
is how much I will miss all of you.

Still, I’m grateful for what happened on the Damascus Road,
and for the wondrous blinding light that day,
which introduced me to my loving Savior,
who is the Truth, the Light, and the Way.

~ Lanette Kissel ~


Let them call you names
Let them think you a fool
Have no time for their games
Dive not into their pool
Make the Bible your standard

Let them dress to kill
Let them woo for bed
Continue with Christ's last will
That He can forgive though their sin be red
Make the Bible your standard

Let them trade their souls for fame
Let them spill blood for power
At judgment day there shall be no room for name
Your power will be exercised in paradise tower
Make the Bible your standard

Let them with their talent dig money rift
Let them the finest boat sail
But you, keep serving the Creator with your gift
And though it tarries, your desires will follow you like a tail
Just make the Bible your standard

~ Kufre Udeme ~

Here is a two part poem written by Lanette Kissel. The poem is based on Mary's encounter with Simeon from Luke 2. It is entitled "What He Could Have Said." This poem is the author’s imagining of what might have happened during the encounter between Mary and Simeon.

based on Mary’s encounter with Simeon. (Luke 2:21-35)

Mary, of Simeon…

In Jerusalem, we came upon a man named Simeon,
a learned prophet, whom we were destined to meet.
I would have to say, the moment our eyes met,
I noted my heart suddenly skipped a beat.

There was something foreboding in the man’s expression
that caused me to want to look away.
He knew much more than he was willing to tell.
I had to wonder what more he could say…

Simeon, of Mary…

Her youthful, happy smile,
so full of expectant hope.
Barely more than a child herself,
I wondered how she would cope.

I saw something more in her eyes.
There was also a trace of fear.
Did she suspect I could tell her things
she would be frightened to hear?

I could tell of events she would rather forget,
also of ones to ponder and keep,
of times she would feel such pride and joy,
of times she would learn how to weep.

Though this aged man has been given
some special insight from the Lord,
I did not divulge all I could have said.
I only mentioned something about a sword.

~ Lanette Kissel ~


Simeon – What I could have said…

Your Son will only be yours for a little while.
You are not the traditional mother and son.
Because your Jesus is the principle in a greater plan,
because He and the God of Heaven are one.

You will find the boy will grow so quickly.
Enjoy each moment with Him while you can.
He will soon leave to begin His ministry.
For your Jesus is as much God, as He is man.

Your Jesus will be the absolute epitome of love,
if I were to sum Him in a single word.
Never has a mother had reason to be so proud.
His life will be the greatest story ever heard.

The reactions to his teaching will be varied.
Some will embrace His message. Some will not.
Men in high places will be jealous of Him.
And against Him, they will consort and plot.

A Roman soldier’s sword will pierce His flesh.
That same sword will also pierce your heart.
Events will happen that are beyond your control.
Happenings in which you will have no part.

His life and ministry will be short-lived.
He will never live to see an old age.
But an infamous Book will be written about Him.
His name will be featured on nearly every page.

Just know that history will be kind to you.
You will have played a most important part.
You are the beloved mother of the Messiah.
This you can treasure within your heart.

~ Lanette Kissel ~

Here are three poems honoring the Word of God written by Arvil Jones


Thy Word, Oh Lord is a Fountain, with Living Waters deep
Throughout the passing ages It has watered many Sheep
Thy Word, Oh Lord is a Burning Lamp unto my stumbling feet
Lighting my way unto the place where You and I can meet
Thy Word Oh Lord is Pardon from all my sin and shame
Thy Word that Thou has magnified even above Thy Name
Thy Word Oh Lord each passing day brings such sweet Peace to me
Thy Word Oh Lord is full of Grace and Power and Purity
Thy Word Oh Lord is my Daily Bread
And Thy Spirit the Oil that anoints my head
Thy Word is my shelter from life’s raging storm
Thy Word is the Fire that keeps me warm
Thy Word is the Sword with which I must fight
Thy Word puts all my foes to flight
Thy Word is my Fortress that keeps me from fear
And my Guardian Angel that hovers so near
Thy Word is my Comfort when I am weak
Thy Word is Thy Voice with which Thou dost speak
Thy Word is a Friend in whom I confide
A Friend Who is always close by my side
Thy Word It begat me when I was lost
Thy Word did guide me straight to The Cross
And when all the words and works of men
And the world itself is gone
Thy Word Oh Lord shall yet endure
And lead us safely Home.

~ Arvil Jones ~


If someone were to ask you, “What’s the world’s greatest Book”
Then where in the whole wide world would you begin to look
Would your first answer be the Library, with a thousand shelves or more
Or would you hope to find It down at the corner store
Would you think of all the so-called Classics that you have ever read
Would the names of famous authors go running through your head
Could you recite from memory a famous quote or two
And could you remember those precious lines
That once meant so much to you
And of all the books that you have read
Is there One that you still hold dear
The One that gave you hope and courage
Or relieved some dreaded fear
Do you remember that Title now
And the famous Author’s name
Do you know about His heritage
And the Place from whence He came
Oh yes, I do remember now
It’s the Bible of which you speak
The Book that always gave me strength
When I was sad and weak
It’s the Book that gave me comfort
In times of sorrow and pain
Yes, It’s the world’s Greatest Book
I think I’ll read It again.

~ Arvil Jones ~


Since the Mighty God of Heaven
First gave His Word to men
He gave that Word because mankind
Had fallen into Sin
And the God of Heaven always knew
That if men were to be reached
Then He must give to men His Word
And that Word then must be Preached
And in order for men to Preach that Word
They must first receive His Call
And Preach by His Holy Spirit
Or never Preach at all
For to Preach without the Spirit
Is a mockery at best
The Word must be Divinely Sent
And by His Sprit Blessed
When the Spirit and the Word combine
They are like a Two-edged Sword
They pierce the hardened sinner’s heart
And lead him to The Lord.

~ Arvil Jones ~



I’m ready for a major battle,
and they have sent me this play toy.
I was looking forward to a challenge,
but I’m facing a mere boy.

What can they possibly be thinking,
sending in a boy like you?
Don’t they know one of your size,
I can trample with one shoe?


What are you thinking, giant,
as I fondle this stone?
You are probably convinced
that I am acting alone.

But there is actually One
who is standing beside me.
A formidable adversary
who you simply cannot see.

He is my moral support,
and He steadies my hand.
And He knows the exact spot
where my stone must land.

You can't know the awesome power
of this entity you face,
Who will cut you down to my size,
and leave your memory in disgrace.

For He is the God of everything,
and He is also mine.
The hand that holds this stone
will be guided by the divine.

As my stone finds its target,
you succumb without a sound.
And the earth beneath you trembles,
as your body hits the ground.

I had the element of surprise,
as you simply could not see,
the invisible enemy you were fighting
was actually God instead of me.

~ Lanette Kissel ~


You can trust the Holy Bible from the first page to the last. You can trust what it says about the future, and what it says about the past.

There really was a Noah, who built an ark with a hammer and a nail. There really was a Jonah, who lived after being swallowed by a whale.

There really was a town called Sodom, destroyed by fire and brimstone from above. And God really did feed the Hebrews with manna, sent to them with love.

There really was a virgin Mary, who conceived Jesus in her womb. And it's true he came to life again, after being buried in a tomb.

It's true Jesus healed the sick, and gave sight to those who couldn't see. It's true he healed the deaf, and walked on the Sea of Galilee.

He healed some who couldn't walk, and raised three persons from the dead. He fed a multitude of people with only two fish and five loaves of bread.

The Bible tells us of hell.....a place for those not forgiven of their sin. And it tells us of heaven.....a place Christ's disciples are sure to enter in.

The Bible speaks of many things..... some easy, some hard to understand. But the Bible can be fully trusted, for it came from God's almighty hand.

So, don't pass judgment on the Bible. It's always right, never wrong. For God has given all its contents, and there's not a verse that doesn't belong.

No, don't pass judgment on the Bible. It's God's infallible Word. Just listen to God speak as you read it. You'll be blessed by what is heard.

By Pastor Bruce Oyen B. A., M. A., D. Min.

Christians believe The Holy Bible to be the word of God. Here is my poem about the Bible.


Dear Children of the Earth,
From: Your Father in Heaven.

I want my words to touch your inner being,
I want your precious spirit's eyes to be seeing,
I want the world to know that you are mine,
And to put a tingle down your spine!!

You'll find my words in a special book,
It wont take long, just have a quick look.
There are sixty six little books bound inside,
You'll find me in there with arms open wide.

You will see that I sit upon my throne,
Searching the world for a people of my very own.
It tells you all about my worldly creation,
How it all went wrong, and the birth of a nation.

It tells of their lives of trouble and strife,
But mostly it tells of their faith in life.
Its got stories and proverbs and songs galore,
But about a special man, there are gospels four!!

At the centre of my book, is Jesus your special friend,
Although, he's actually there from beginning to end.
And on that day, when you finally realize,
That you need my Son to open your eyes.

He'll be there knocking at the door of your heart,
You only have to say "Sorry, Jesus, I want a new start."
You see that's what my Holy Bible is all about.
It tells that "I LOVE YOU ALWAYS," without a doubt.

Janice Hingley


When I am tired, the Bible is my bed;
Or in the dark, the Bible is my light;
When I am hungry, it is vital bread;
Or fearful, it is armour for the fight;
When I am sick, 'tis healing medicine;
Or lonely, thronging friends I find therein.

If I would work, the Bible is my tool;
Or play, it is a harp of happy sound.
If I am ignorant, it is my school;
If I am sinking, it is solid ground.
If I am cold, the Bible is my fire;
And wings, if boldly I aspire.

Should I be lost, the Bible is my guide;
Or naked, it is raiment, rich and warm.
Am I imprisoned, it is ranges wide;
Or tempest-tossed, a shelter from the storm.
Would I adventure, 'tis a gallant sea;
Or would I rest, it is a flowery lea.

Dr. Amos R. Wells

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